Music Wine Charms

Festive and Practical for Your Holiday Dinners or Events

Musical Style for Entertaining Musicians

Music Themed Wine Charms for Your Holiday Parties

Ever been to a holiday party, a wedding or event or a wine tasting where in the middle of socializing with people on all sides you suddenly realize you’ve set down your wine glass and don’t know which of many it is? The ladies can sometimes look for the one with the matching lipstick shade, but the guys are just looking for one without lipstick.

And as host or hostess, trying to keep your guests’ glasses filled, it can be hard enough to remember who is drinking what, yet alone which glass was whose. Unless, of course, you are clever, cool, fashionable and prepared enough to have a set of memorable wine charms to slip around the stem of each glass. If every charm is unique, each guest can remember theirs and easily identify their glass from the rest, and a good host may also.

Here are some fun music themed wine charms for your next part. They make great holiday gifts, too!

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Whether you’re entertaining musicians, putting on a music event or just having a few friends over for dinner, wine charms are a fun and fashionable way for everyone to keep track of their own wine glass



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