New Music Items From May 2016

Introducing Custom Luggage from UGOBAGS


 Custom Luggage In 3 Sizes and a Variety of Accent Colors


And new lines of products you can color coordinate to match your clothing and accessories, home decor or special event. Mix any background color you want and have it available over a wide variety of products that will look great together in a fashionable and well put together look.



New and Exciting from May 2016

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I’ve had such fun with these new travel bags from UGOBAGS!  They came in your choice of 3 base colors and several bright colors to customize the handles, wheels and bumpers.  

I’ve also been working on some lines of custom color coordinated items in home decor so you can match them to your own home design theme color and have them all match perfectly. They would also be perfect for special events like weddings where matching your color scheme perfectly matters and should be easy.  Here are some examples using different colored background of pillows, lampshades, light switch plate covers and we through in some car floor mats, too, just for fun.


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