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Musical Mother’s Day Gifts

    Either way we have a selection of music themed gifts   Musical, practical, fun, unique   Sound like your mom or a mom you know?     Your mom is more than just your mom, you know. She's her own person. She has her own passions and...

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New and Exciting from March 2016

        Music Diva Fashion - Dripping in Musical Notes    Plus Doormats  -  Electrical Outlet Covers  -  Duvet Cover Bedspreads   THese are just some of the crazy amount of new products we've had to design on lately.  I can hardly keep up...

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Guitar Chords Theory Chart

    Understanding the theory of chords will make it easier for you to remember them and also to figure out different ways to play chords in different places on the guitar. <p> <a...

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New and Exciting – Week of February 15, 2016

  Our new products include bathroom scales, small size binders, headbands and shoes. And as you can see, once again we carried away with colorful musical notes.   The designers at Zazzle were SO excited to finally get shoes back in stock. These high top...

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Most Songs Are the Same Few Chord Progressions

  These handy compact opens up with two glass mirrors. Music designs printed in full color on metal insert on front of compact mirror case. Check out Rip Tard showing you 30 songs that are all the same 3 chords. Most songs you're used to use the same chord...

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New and Exciting for January 2016

There have been so many new products lately! The most popular have been the new small size binders and all the cute new styles of shirts.  Especially the new hoodie dresses! This combination wallet carries everything you need while on the go! Customize a wallet case –...

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Music Gifts for Valentines Day

Were you looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for a special musical guy or gal? These gifts can all be personalized with a name or custom text for a unique and personal gift.

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